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2022 Spring Equinox News

Posted 2022/03/20

Greetings and a Joyous Spring Equinox! I don’t know where the time has gone, but I sure am glad the days are getting longer. Here in the US the Senate just voted a little while ago to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. While I’ll miss the idea of semi-annual time-travel, I shall not miss the executions. After harvesting the blood of trees for weeks (see photo), today we boiled it into a pixie-brew as our fore-bearers have done these centuries past. In my personal life, I’ve still got a surplus of day-job security, so writing hasn’t been as fast as I’d like. But I did finish the first and second drafts of Secret Project #9, and it’s getting read before I have to turn it in to the editor. Paradise ICON is planning another anthology project, and I’m hoping this piece will be accepted. Progress has continued on Secret Project #5. I tried to go back to it right after finishing that last draft on #9. I kept finding more scenes that I had written that I didn’t remember writing. I think this might be the danger of too much outlining followed by incessant sprinting. I suspect I should accept these dangers and continue forward with more of the same. Convention season is gearing up, I’m headed to DemiCon in Des Moines at the beginning of May, WisCon here in town at the end of May, and then two more cons in the summer. I miss people and I hope everything goes to plan.

Talk to you again when the stars align! Athena

Carboys Collecting Tree Sap

2021 Winter Solstice News

Posted 2021/12/21

Greetings, and a joyous Winter Solstice to all! I’ve had a busy couple months and am looking forward to wrapping up the year soon. It’s been a really good year for me. I published “Sown Men” (formerly known as Secret Project #4) in the Paradise ICON anthology and did a book sigining at ICON with my friends.
I also participated in NaNoWriMo and added 34,686 new words to (Not So) Secret Project #5. It’s coming along, but I lost a lot of steam in December when I took a new role on in the day job. Hoping to pick back up with regular, routine writing in the New Year. Or maybe even sooner, since I’m currently on vacation from the day job. I’ve been working steadily on Secret Project #7 (which is more of a project than a work, but I’m looking forward to that launch). I’ve been setting myself ambitious goals, and my brain is not responding kindly to stress at this time. So I’m hoping to manage other sources of stress to make room to write regularly. I hope that your wishes for the new year are given extra time to percolate in your mind on this the longest night.

Talk to you again when the stars align! Athena

Paradise ICON 2021 Signing

2021 Fall Equinox News

Posted 2021/09/21

Greetings, and a joyous Autumnal Equinox to all! This is an exciting time for me, because my ICON friends and I put together an anthology coming out at the end of the month. The proceeds are being donated to ICON (Iowas Longest Running Science Fiction Convention). I’m hoping our support helps them bridge the pandemic gap year that almost every convention had this past year. ICON has been a home to me for over 25 years and I’m looking forward to seeing my co-authors there again this year.

Talk to you again when the stars align! Athena

Paradise ICON 2020 Cover

Athena Foster lives in the woods of Wisconsin rooting up faerie rings, writing speculative fiction, and performing bureaucromancy during the week. She studied creative writing at the Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin, and at last report is defending her 19th century farmhouse against a colonizing horde of pernicious woodchucks.